UK river information

The UK Rivers Guidebook provides information about rivers across the UK, and categorises them into easy/intermediate/difficult/playspot

The canoedaysout site provides information about not too strenuous trips, aimed at a relaxing paddle through the countryside.
People share their experiences of canoe trips, by writing about access points and interesting spots, with accompanying photos from along the way.

This video guide to Sea Kayaking in Wales has lots of good information on marine wildlife and how to avoid harming it.

The "igreens" guide to Canoeing The Wye is full of useful information that you need to paddle this beautiful river.

Tidal information

We are lucky to have the Severn Estuary on our doorstep, which gives us plenty of opportunities to take short sea paddling trips along the North Somerset coast around Clevedon.
The Severn Estuary has the second highest tidal range in the world, and the tides move extremely quickly, so some care is advisable.

The following links provide details of the tides around this area:

  • Easy Tide

  • National Tidal and Sea Level Facility (NTSLF)
  • Exmouth tides (for the year) courtesy of the marina
  • If you are going out on to the sea for a long trip, it is advisable to inform the Coastguard when and where you intend paddling.
    DON'T FORGET to inform the Coastguard AFTER you have returned safely,or you may trigger an incident. For non-emergency matters, telephone:(01792) 366534

    Equipment Suppliers

  • Canoe and Kayak Store, Dursley
  • AS Watersports, Exeter

  • Other canoe clubs

  • Bristol Canoe Club
  • South Avon Canoe Club
  • North Avon Canoe Club