Charmouth and Lyme Regis

A small group of us met at the club where I, as a new member, was introduced to everyone.  We then grouped together to car share.  We met the others in the car park in Charmouth, which brought back memories as I use to come here as a child, and it had also recently appeared on TV on Beach Live: Jurassic Coast.
After coffee we carried the kayaks down to the sea.  I showed my inexperienced by taking a considerable time to inelegantly get in my kayak.  We set off at a very gentle pace in the glorious sunshine and very gentle sea conditions.  Despite my inexperience, I found it a pleasure and before long we arrived at a busy Lyme Regis where many people were also enjoying the weather.  After a quick toilet stop we set off again and some of the group showed their skills at rock hopping, weaving amongst the rocks.
We then made our way to a suitable stretch of beach to stop and have our lunch.
Quite a few of the group also took the opportunity to have a quick swim.  On returning towards Lyme Regis, Ian gave me a few pointers to improve my efficiency of paddling, which was greatly appreciated.
Another quick stop at Lyme Regis for ice cream, before arriving back at Charmouth and the most strenuous part of the day - carrying the kayaks back to the cars.
As only my second trip with the club, I was very impressed with the organization of the trip and the friendliness of everyone.  I was frequently asked during the day if I was ok and had quite a few chats with many people, all of who were a pleasure to meet.  This has definitely wetted my appetite to hopefully join some more of the trips.  I would like to thank Ian and all the others in the group for such a great day.  I also wanted to thank Gary for kindly agreeing to meet me at the shed, in his own time, so I could choose my kayak, as I was unable to come on the lake sessions due to work commitments.
Andy Hembrow


Andy paddling the Club's new Dagger Stratos 14L sea/tourer kayak into Lyme Regis Harbour