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If you require equipment for any of these published trips, please CONTACT THE QUARTERMASTER via the Contact page 

Equipment Hire is charged at £3 per day, per boat on Clevedon Marine Lake, Portishead Quay Marina or for trips launching from Clevedon. 

Hire charges away from Clevedon are £5 per day, per boat.   See the Equipment Hire page for full details


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Wild Camping Paddle - Saturday/Sunday 14th/15th September

Contact Chris Payne for more information and to register your interest

Saturday 14th Sep, Martins Haven Car Park, Pembrokeshire Coast Path, nr Haverfordwest. SA62 3BJ. 10am for 12 noon launch.
Sunday 15th Sep, 14:00-15:00.
Skomer Island: LW 13:36 14th LW 14:08 15th
Tide speed:
≤6kn at Tusker rock Skomer (we cannot be late!) Expecting a 3kn tide pushing us both to the campsite and back, east on the flood (Sat), west on the ebb (Sun).
Tel: 01646 690909 – VHS 0150 or 16 (open channel)
OS Map:
Explorer OL36 (start point 761089)

The start exposed to South / South-Westerly’s especially as you go the corner at Tusker. However, with the coast to you north all the way to Milford Haven we should be able to hide against that if necessary. After Milford Haven it’s only a short run to the night stop.

Because we will be paddling along a cliff coast with a number of beaches for get outs you should be able to be in, and in control of a boat for a minimum of 2 hour at a time. Your boat will be heavier than usual so you should be confident enough for this not to cause alarm. Because of this I require a minimum of 2* skills or someone on the trip that can vouch for you.
Total distance: 24km (15 miles) Saturday, 20km (12.5 miles) Sunday
We will not be going at a fast pace – the coast is beautiful and we should be stopping to take in the view – especially on the Saturday.
I am assuming that we will be able to maintain a 2kn average paddling speed. However, the tide will be with us both days and we can use this as a “travelator” if required.
You will also need to be fairly comfortable with the aspects of wild camping!


expand Notes
Unfortunately we will be leaving from the rather inaccessible beach of Havens Martin. This is a pain, but I hope you’ll see the benefit as we travel down the coast. As outlined above we should be at the launch point by 10:00 because it WILL take time to move and load the boats. If we are lucky there are several parking spots at the edge of the road half way up the hill. However, if not there is a national trust car park at the top of the short steep road. It is my intention to park up in either one of these areas to unload the boats and kit. If possible I would recommend that each car has at least one member of the national trust in it otherwise it’s likely to cost a bit…
We WILL work together to move the boats to the beach and then take the kit afterwards (it’s better to leave kayaks on a beach than kit)
Once all of the kit is down on the beach the drivers will be moving the cars to West Hook Farm Camping. They have agreed for us to park there overnight for £10/car (I know!). I will then ferry the drivers back and walk back myself. This will take some time, but it will take some time to load the boats – more on that later.
Leaving from the beach we will follow the coast round to the left and between the small outcrop of Tucker rock and Skomer island. Skomer is a nature reserve for Puffins and will be teaming with wildlife – this is one of the reasons why Havens Martin is worth the effort!
We will then follow the coast along the amazing geology of the cliffs until we reach St Ann’s head. It is likely that the water will be… interesting at this point as the tide will be going in at full pace. We will then ferry glide across the mouth of Milford Haven. However, we will not be trying to fight the flow all the way because we will be stopping for a break/lunch at West Angle bay – just inside the mouth of the bay. Here we should be able to use the facilities if we buy a tea or a cake (not cheap, but good facilities!) the other thing is that it’s a lovely beach.
Here, we aren’t going to be in any rush as we wait for the tide to drop a little before heading out and round Sheep Island and along the coast to the beautiful beach of Freshwater West. This will be our campsite for the night amongst the dunes on the north edge where it feels like you could be on a desert island (once the traffic has gone) GR883005
This last point is important! Yes we will be wild camping in an area which will feel cut off from most of the world. But I want to make sure that there is a safety net of some kind. If everything falls on it’s face there is a bus stop and a car park about a kilometre down the beach where, should anything go wrong we can get help. This maybe the first time some of you will have been camping from boats (or even hiking) and it can be really horrible if things don’t go right (you don’t need rain to get things uncomfortably wet!)
In the morning we can pack up and can go (making sure we take EVERYTHING with us) However, there is a “famous” burger van at the south end of the beach (in the car park) that sells really tasty seaweed burgers – I’m not joking, they are really nice!
The way back we will be going with the tide (again) so it should be reasonably easy. However, if we do have a westerly it may be rough (details closer to the time). This time we will be taking a shorter route directly across the mouth of Milford Haven and back down the coast to West Dale bay for a stop off for tea.
We cannot be too tardy however as we will need to be round and past Tucker rock before 15:00 otherwise the tide is going to be VERY difficult to paddle into. If we miss it we can go back to Dale and catch the bus back the Martins Haven but this is NOT an option I would want to take (think of the time!)
Anyway, after that it’s a simple case of getting the cars unpacking and loading up.
Fun eh?

Alternative: There is another option, but I’ll wait to write that if/when it’s required

Lulworth Cove - Saturday 21st September

Contact Annette Colbourn for more information and to register your interest

This is intended to be a two way trip of approximately 16.5km/10.25 miles launching at Lulworth Cove and paddling towards Ringstead Bay.

The trip is open to touring/sea kayaks only and paddlers need to be confident using a spraydeck, however, the distance and duration of the paddle will be weather and paddler ability dependant, and will be decided by the trip leader on the day.

It is roughly a 2 hour drive from Clevedon, arriving at Lulworth Car Park to be on the water just after 10.00am. The car park is set back from the beach, so please bring your trolley with you to transport boats and equipment to the launch point.

The Jurassic Coast is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Amelia Davies is joining this paddle and has kindly offered to share her extensive geological knowledge of this fossil rich coastline.
Should you have any queries regarding the paddle or your ability please contact Annette


Wimbleball Lake Family Day - Sunday 22nd September

Contact Tim Comer for more information and to register your interest

A day out for the family at Wimbleball Lake, Exmoor. Travel time is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes from Clevedon.
There is a boat launching fee of £5.60 if we pay as a group . It is possible to drive down to the lake to unload, but cars have to be parked in the large car park at £4.00 per day.
There are disability parking bays are situated close to the lake( not sure about parking fees)
There is also a cafe situated adjacent to the large public car park and loos. The days paddling will depend on you. If we have enough Coaches we can split into groups. Some just paddling and playing games. Others going for a trip around the lake. Families are welcome (even non paddlers), the lake is a beautiful spot for a picnic, which I would suggest we have about 1.30pm.
Exit the water about 4.30pm.
It is possible to hire other craft from the centre for a charge.
After loading the equipment onto the cars, we should arrive back in Clevedon for about 7.00 pm


British Canoeing Start Course - October 5th

Contact Alison Holland for more information or to book a place

We are running at British Canoeing Start course on the afternoon of Saturday 3rd August.
This introductory 2 hour course is suitable for members aged 8 and up who are new to paddling. Participants will receive a British Canoeing qualification and on completion will receive a certificate.
The course costs £10, and includes all equipment hire.



Information for Trip leaders

  1. Email the trip details 3-4 weeks prior to the event date to Webmaster for publication on the website.
  2. Help with Trip planning is available HERE
  3. Record the interested parties and confirm receipt via email. Ensure that you have the correct and all necessary contact details. Note that our calendar is shared with other clubs so we may also be dealing with non-member paddlers.
  4. Should the trip have to be cancelled, please confirm this 48hrs prior to the event by emailing the attendees and Webmaster, so that it can be published on the website.
  5. By 24 hrs prior to the trip, confirm with all registered attendees that the trip is progressing and provide any updates if necessary.
  6. Ensure that all mobile numbers are to hand on the day, so that any final updates can be made.


Trip Information for Paddlers

  1. Register your interest with the Trip Leader and provide correct contact details. If you have any queries or concerns regarding your abilities, please discuss this with the Trip Leader.
  2. If you need to hire equipment, please contact the Quartermaster.  Ensure you request all the gear that you will need (Boat, paddle, BA, helmet, spraydeck)
  3. For safety reasons and to ensure leader/paddler ratios are not compromised, please do not turn up at a trip unannounced.
  4. Ensure that you are getting regular updates regarding times/weather/location of the paddle.
  5. Ensure that you are made aware of any cancellation, or confirmation of trip.
  6. Please advise the Trip Leader should you not be attending on the day due to last minute issues. This will prevent a large group of people waiting for you!
  7. Be punctual and consider the group.
  8. Have fun.