Health and Well-being

Participating in sport and exercise, getting outside in nature, meeting new people and feeling the rush of endorphins is an excellent way to protect our mental well-being, but spotting poor mental health isn’t easy.

Good mental health means being able to think, feel and react in ways you need and want to live your life.  However, sometimes the way we think, feel or react can be difficult or even impossible to cope with.  Watch Mind’s video HERE which includes useful tips about maintaining your well-being. 

If you’re concerned about your own mental health, or the mental health of one of your friends, you should speak to someone you trust or encourage them to speak to someone they trust.  Opening up to someone helps people feel MUCH better.  Mind have lots of information and advice online along with an Infoline (0300 123 3393).

There are free information booklets to download from the Mental Health Foundation and both Mind and the Mental Health Foundation have lots of useful information on their websites.


You can contact our Club Welfare Officers, Ian Downing and Annette Colbourn, in complete confidence.