1) CONTACT THE WEBMASTER to receive an invitation to join the Club's shared folder.

2) Follow the instructions in the invitation email to open the OneDrive folder.

3) The shared folder, 'CCCPhotoDump' should be visible to you.

4) Create a new folder in the shared folder, with date, name of photographer and trip location

5) Please be critical about which photos you upload. This is the website of a Canoe Club, so please make sure your pictures have some context. Repetitive, off-topic, or poor quality pictures will probably not make it to the Gallery.

6) Copy the photos into the folder that's been created. You can also drag them across from your own folder to the OneDrive folder

Photos may be resized, depending on how they will be used. Please upload the best quality images that you can

You retain ownership of your photos but you accept that, by uploading them to Dropbox, they will probably be used on the Club's website.
Photos will be deleted from Dropbox periodically, so please retain copies. All photos uploaded will be archived to the Club's Microsoft OneDrive account.

Please contact the Webmaster if you feel a picture is inappropriate.