As an affiliated Club, we use the syllabus of courses provided by British Canoeing. We can provide or assist with coaching and assessment for the following awards.

The Club provides various training courses throughout the year, as well as more skills-based training in the pool during the winter.

British Canoeing Qualifications - new for 2019

Personal Performance Awards

Paddle Awards

The new Paddle Awards for 2019 replace the existing PaddleSport Start, 1 Star, 2 Star and Paddlepower Courses.   

  1. Start: Experience your first session on the water. It aims to provide you with the basic knowledge to enable you to safely get in and out of your boat, make it move and return to your start point. This is the first step, ensuring you feel safe, confident and ready to progress to the Discover Award.
  2. Discover: The Discover Award allows you to develop your decision making and practical skills for a fun and safe time on the water, taking you on the next steps towards becoming a proficient paddler. Learn how to choose and effectively use equipment, and develop an understanding of the factors affecting your paddling.
  3. Explore: The Explore Award gives you ownership to choose where you move next in the world of paddlesport. Working with a coach you will be able to develop a programme that suits what you need. Learn to make confident choices and recognise your ability to independently paddle your chosen craft in a sheltered water environment.

Full details here


Individual Awards

These new awards for 2019 have effectively replaced the old British Canoeing 3*, 4* and 5* awards. There are now 12 disciplines, and each one has a three stage progression up to Advanced.

The Discipline Specific Awards allow you to develop your personal paddling and decision making skills in the craft and environment of your choice. Available in every craft and environment, the awards are based on your learning, encouraging you in your personal development.

Full details of each of the new Individual disciplines can be found HERE.


Coaching and Leadership Awards

Paddlesport Activity Assistant

The Paddlesport Activity Assistant supports the delivery of paddlesport activities by developing volunteers.

The Paddlesport Activity Assistant (PAA) is an endorsement recognised by British Canoeing to support clubs, organisations and volunteers. Paddlesport Activity Assistants can facilitate activity at any time; within the lines of their organisations' Standard Operating Procedures. Full details here.


Paddlesport Instructor

The NEW Paddlesport Instructor is aimed at those running taster/starter sessions and short journeys in very sheltered water environments, within the safety management systems of clubs/centres or other organisations. Full details here.


Coach Award

The Coach Award offers discipline specific pathways across all disciplines and introduces the skills and coaching behaviours required for developing performance through progressive coaching. Full details here.


Performance Coach

The Performance Coach (Level 3) Award develops on the progressive coaching skills gained at the Coach Award and trains the coach to plan, deliver, and review long term coaching programmes. Full details here.